Tuesday, June 1, 2010

week 9/ Inspirations and concept

In class Simeon found this cool website


awesome artist that inspires me with his color pallet and the way he
uses it. Also great animation out of this and great imagination.
this is what I strive to go for in my demo reel.



Week 8/ more of dat kat

I was thinking that a final music video might not be the trail to get into.
Too much time will be spent in creating a final prestige piece that I will
not be able to focus in my actual demo.

I had an Idea for an emotional story of a father and a child that ends up
with the father realizing that work is not as important as spending time
with his son.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 7/ character design

This is one of the characters I came up with for the band,
it is concept art for the base player. I came up with it while
drinking Vodka and watching the venture bros while
listening to the Gorillaz, I want his personality to be more of
a wild pre-teen kid that lived in a foster home and escaped.
He meet Z while running away.

check out Falconstreehouse.com

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 6 / Inspiration


And this is the story board animatic --

This is my inspiration for what I want to do.
Since high school I have been inspired by the style and flow
Of how Jamie Hewlett brings out the characters in the
Digital band The Gorillaz. Since highschool I decided that
I want to have the same success and entertain with a digital
Now that Im here turning a skill into a degree, I want to make that dream true with my very own digital band.

I already Have an animator that will take care of helping me with the load.
I still have to come up with the storyboards.

This is a quick sketch of two characters that will be in the bandThe one on top Is Popov, crazy wild kid
from Russia that Joined Z (bottom corner)
after he ran away from the orphanage.

Z is a bit conceded but has an
unselfish heart. He has friends
but sometimes he rather be alone.
He likes Chinese but prefers
Italian. Complex character...

Must check out creativecow.com

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 5

Idea came into plan! the capstone is going to be about a music band that is
running from some Aliens that are targeting them, they go from the city to the
outskirt of the city where they fall into an abyss, there are some obstacles on the way
that will slow the band down. The Style will stick to The examples I showed
in week one post. Flash will be used unless I can use something similar to
render man (dreaming is priceless) so I can make it in 3D. It will be a 2-3 minute short.
I choose a music video because it has potential to be Viral specially since music and visual
mixes together to create something special.

Another Idea that I discussed in class today
was about making a speed painting of a concept
that turns into an animated 3D Render that
pops out and moves around, great Idea for part

look for creativecrash.com
of the reel