Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 3/ Them Jobs

This week we are looking into Jobs in the
industry. An entry level concept artist position
interests me. here are some of the findings that
interest me







Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 2 / mind map

I was considering what I would like to be doing
for the rest of my life, of course I could improve
and maybe change my mind and become a
dentist (not likely to happen), but It is basically
what I would like to do. This is my mind map
and it consists of my skills and the different
things that I can do with them. I have decided
that I am a conceptual artist that can animate,
3D model, design, and create cartoons.
Maybe I will become a generalist but right now
I will go with my mind map.

Week 1

The Blog For class is up! I customized it. I began to think of new ideas
for what my cap-project is going to be. I thought of a short in 3D of a
supermarket worker that is having a bad day. I also thought of making
something more exciting and creating an action packed 2d animation short of a couple of ninja pupils trying to retrieve a lost artifact from a camp full of enemies and demons because flying monkeys are taken, Maybe ninja monkeys...I'm not sure yet on what I want to settle for or if I will even go for it in 2d,
I might change my mind and make it 3D or 4D, which ever one looks better.
btw, I really like these styles if I choose to make em in 2d...